Unlocking operational excellence in water desalination plants by nanoscale fouling sensor technology

Our mission is rooted in innovation and guided by our core values of precision, sustainability, and efficiency.

We are at the forefront of providing solutions for desalination plants, enabling operators to harness the power of early-stage fouling prediction with our system.

Our values and culture

Innovation Enthusiasts

Innovation is our driving force; we thrive on pushing the boundaries and finding novel solutions.

Precision Pioneers

We are setting the standard for accuracy and excellence in fouling detection technology.

Sustainable Caretakers

We are dedicated to sustainability, committed to reducing environmental impact through responsible technology.

Collaborative Creators

Collaboration defines us; we actively partner with stakeholders to co-create value and success.

Customer Champions

Our customers are our champions; we exist to meet their needs, surpass expectations, and drive their success.

Our approach

SURPHASE revolutionizes membrane monitoring by providing a real-time, non-invasive detection and analysis of fouling and cleaning.


Our unique sensor system and AI-assisted software represents a real paradigm shift in the water desalination sector, unlocking operational excellence and sustainability.

Our team

SURPHASE is a woman-led, dynamic company comprised of a dedicated and highly qualified team with diverse expertise.