«Our technology allows great savings for water plants» – El Diario Vasco

When San Sebastian native Iliane Rafaniello (doctor in applied chemistry and polymers) talks about Surphase, the company she created in 2018 with her partner, the German Thomas Schäfer, her face lights up. “I’ve gotten older since then,” she says, laughing, underscoring that going from dream to reality is a hard road. But they have achieved […]

Surphase participates in bVenture

To understand the innovation of their proposal, it’s necessary to have some context, starting with the process used to purify water in the most modern desalination plants. Let’s dive in. We begin with a physical phenomenon, osmosis, where if two liquids with different concentrations of solutes (salt in this case) are separated by a semipermeable […]

The desalted sea – El Correo

There are nearly 22,000 desalination plants in the world. In some regions, the sea or brackish water that they treat is the only one available for human consumption, which makes them critical infrastructures. Spain, with 765 desalination plants that pour more than one hundred cubic meters of fresh water into the supply network per day, […]

Surphase assists to the NSF In-Person Seminar

It was a pleasure to attend the informative Seminar “Path to Global Compliance for Your Water Systems, Components & Ingredients” by NSF – Water Programs held in Barcelona on September 19. Thank the NSF team, Groupe CARSO and AQUA ESPAÑA – Spanish Association of Companies in the Water Sector for the very interesting talks given […]

Surphase participates in the LUCE Gijón Acceleration Program

Surphase has been selected to participate in the Green and Digital Economy Acceleration Program, developed in collaboration with Gijón Impulsa and which seeks to respond to Gijón’s challenges in the field of smart cities or sustainability. Full news: https://www.lucegijon.es/es/articulo/arranca-el-programa-de-aceleracion-sobre-economia-verde-y-digital-52

Surphase visits CATABB

On March 17, we received a visit at CATABB from Iliane Rafaniello and Thomas Schäfer from SURPHASE, together with Nagore Tellado, director of Business Relations at the UPV. Membrane desalination is an efficient process that guarantees the supply of drinking water globally. However, membranes accumulate matter on their surface, generating the problem known as “fouling.” […]

Iliane Rafaniello, CEO of SURPHASE, talks about the early detection of membrane fouling

entrevista a surphase en revista aguas residuales

Aguas Residuales magazine interviews Iliane Rafaniello, CEO of SURPHASE to talk about our new device for monitoring and early detection of fouling in reverse osmosis membranes for the desalination sector and its different applications. “We give the plant operator a warning about when it is the right time to start planning the technical stoppage for […]

AEDyR analyses the advances in processes and development of chemical products

The Spanish Association of Desalination and Reuse (AEDyR) has held the 3rd Session of its First Digital Congress, which in this edition focused on “Advances in processes and development of chemical products”. The event has had a great success in participation, with more than 750 registered and more than 270 attendees connected simultaneously. Iliane Rafaniello […]

Surphase becomes a Word Alliance Member

Water scarcity will be aggravating significantly in the near future (UN Water report) which generates the pressing need to efficiently produce drinking water through, for example, desalination. Membrane separations offer in principle a cost-efficient solution compared to thermal processes but may severely suffer from fouling of the membrane. Surphase offers the possibility to minimise the […]